About FriendMosaic

FriendMosaic We make awesome mosaics of your Twitter profile picture using the pictures of your friends and followers.
FriendMosaic Share your mosaic with your friends! (see our terms of use for details).
FriendMosaic Or, order a high resolution version printed on sweet merchandise -- men's and women's t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, and more.
FriendMosaic They make great gifts for your (real life) Twitter friends :-)
FriendMosaic We got our start at the Redmond #StartupWeekend in August 2009, brought to you by the great folks at @StartupWeekend and Microsoft BizSpark
RoyLeban I'm a serial entrepreneur, software architect, and usability expert (plus puzzle guy, photographer and pizza maker), so I'm always thinking of new ideas.
RoyLeban I brought the idea for FriendMosaic to Redmond #StartupWeekend. On Friday, the idea was one of fifteen chosen, which meant I got to put together a team.
hidatch I describe myself as a geek, entrepreneur, cook, wood worker, cyclist, and music freak. This idea sounded like a lot of fun.
FriendMosaic It was a hectic weekend of furious design and coding, but we built a fully functional prototype by the end of Sunday night and were able to demo it live.
FriendMosaic We got our first sales during the demo -- we auctioned off the first shirt for $200 and sold another 150 shirts, one for each person in the room.
FriendMosaic The founding team at #StartupWeekend team was rounded out with @scottdw2, @josephch, @zanes, @karenxcheng, and @drigotti. Thanks!
FriendMosaic And, in a rarity for #StartupWeekend, each of them walked away from the weekend with a share of the profit from those initial sales.
FriendMosaic After the weekend, @royleban and @hidatch decided to start a new company around the concept. FriendMosaic.com launched "for real" September 21st, 2009.