Last night, I presented the idea for FriendMosaic -- making photo mosaics of Twitter profile pictures out of a user's friends and followers' profile pictures, then turning them into products like t-shirts and mugs.

There were 46 ideas presented and everyone got to vote for up to three that they were interested in working on. Unlike the previous Startup Weekend, they stressed that you should vote on things that you actually wanted to work on. After everyone voted, FriendMosaic was solidly in the top 10 and the organizers picked the top 15 as viable.

That meant that I could form a team. I found two people who I knew from the startup community but with whom I had never worked, plus four people that I didn't know. Some teams were planning to go to local restaurants and start working immediately, but we decided to just meet up in the morning instead.

On my drive home (which was only two miles), I came up with the name, which, fortunately, was available. Amazing when that happens on the first try!