Murphy's law says ... well, you know what it says. We're taking advantage of Moore's law to generate mosaics, so that means we have to live with Murphy's law too. Today, Amazon Web Services had outages in EC2 and SQS, two of the backend services that we require, Zazzle's API, which we use to create our products, was non-functional most of the day, and Google App Engine, which is running our front-end server, had an unplanned outage as well. Can anything else possibly go wrong?!

So, we opened up the site to the public a bit later than planned, but it's live for the world now and we're pretty proud of it. We've labeled it a public "Beta" because we're still having some problems with AWS and sometimes it looks like it stops in the middle of creating a mosaic. If it does that, try again in a few minutes and usually it's fine. Once your mosaic is created, the rest of the process to getting cool products made with your mosaic is working great.

We hope you like your mosaic as much as we do. Tell all your friends!