Every Startup Weekend ends with the moment of truth -- demo hour.

We barely pulled it out, but we put together a pretty awesome demo of what FriendMosaic could be and we overcame a lot of obstacles to get there. First, we had problems with Microsoft Azure and security issues with Microsoft Silverlight, so we ended up switching to an ASP.NET server. Next, we ran into the Twitter API limit, which places severe restrictions on certain API calls. And we didn't have a hosting provider to deploy to, so we ended up demoing on a laptop.

Then we had lots of little problems not worth mentioning, including the fact that the mosaic generation was really slow. We ended up pre-generating the mosaics for everyone on the team while we were waiting for our turn (once a mosaic is generated, it just shows it rather than generating it again).

Here's a preview of what the mosaics look like:

But the best thing of all is that we actually sold product. Roy auctioned off the first shirt for $200! And then the folks from Microsoft BizSpark said they wanted to buy a shirt for everybody in the room, which is about a $3,000 sale.