Frequently Asked Questions

Question What can I do with my mosaic?
FriendMosaic You can order products customized with your mosaic for yourself or your friends, you can print it off and stick it in your notebook, or you can put it on your web site.
Question Are you saying that I can take the mosaic you create and use it elsewhere?
FriendMosaic Yes, you may use the screen-resolution mosaic for legal, non-commercial, non-objectional purposes, provided you do not change it and you link back to us if you use it online. See our terms of use for additional details.
Question Can I get a high-resolution copy of the mosaic?
FriendMosaic Sorry, no. The high-resolution version is only available on products purchased from FriendMosaic.
Question Why do some of my friends appear more than once in my mosaic?
FriendMosaic We optimize for a balance between representing your friends and creating the best mosaic. The more friends and followers you have, the less likely it is that you will have duplicates; if you have more than 2,000 friends and followers combined, you will not have any duplicates.
FriendMosaic If you're looking for more people to follow, we recommend, which provides groups of people who share your interests that you can easily follow individually, and, a directory of top Twitterers, organized by category. We recommend against all of the "get a million followers" schemes.
Question Can I control which of my friends show up in my mosaic?
FriendMosaic Not at the present time.
Question Did you really sell a shirt for $200?
FriendMosaic Yes. We auctioned off the right to buy the first shirt during Redmond Startup Weekend. It sold for $200. You can see the shirt here.
Question Can I change my Twitter profile picture?
FriendMosaic Sure! Next time you return to FriendMosaic, we'll generate a new mosaic for your from your new profile picture.
Question I'm not on Twitter.
FriendMosaic That's not a question. At this time, FriendMosaic is only available for Twitter. Stay tuned.
Question What if I have a problem or suggestion?
FriendMosaic We're interested in your feedback! We are @FriendMosaic on Twitter. Follow us to get the first scoop when we have news to share. Or email us at