FriendMosaic Gallery

Apparently the mosaics are good enough that they fool facial recognition algorithms, in this case the built-in face detection software in a Canon camera (the green box is where the camera thinks the face is).

Face recognition

@mckoss of StartPad sports his FriendMosaic shirt at the Ollantaytambo archaeological site in Peru, October, 2009.

mckoss in Peru

@MarcNager of Startup Weekend (left), and @SEATTLECITYGIRL and @chrisihler of Learn That Name show off their FriendMosaic shirts at the Startup Weekend Meetup, October 14, 2009.

FriendMosaic was a sponsor of 140 | The Twitter Conference in LA, September 22-23, 2009. Here, @Pistachio shows off her FriendMosaic shirt. (photo by @adamloving)

Pistachio at Twitter Conference in LA

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