FriendMosaic Launches New Service for Twitter

Seattle - October 14th, 2009 - FriendMosaic announced today that it has launched a new service which takes social networking into the real world by building mosaics out of people's friends and followers on Twitter. A product of a Startup Weekend held in August, FriendMosaic was founded in early September, launched a public Beta on September 21st, and shed the beta label today.

All people have to do is enter their Twitter name and FriendMosaic's proprietary algorithm creates a mosaic using the profile pictures of their friends and followers on Twitter. The result looks like the original picture from a distance and an array of small pictures when viewed up close. FriendMosaic allows the resulting mosaic to be reposted or retweeted anywhere on the web. People can also get them printed on shirts, mugs, mousepads, and other products.

Unlike many startups, FriendMosaic had sales before it was even clear the company would actually exist, with thousands of dollars in advance sales during the demo of its prototype at the end of Startup Weekend. Continuing the trend, FriendMosaic garnered sales the first day of its public beta.


FriendMosaic was founded in September, 2009 by veteran software entrepreneurs Roy Leban and Craig Huizenga, one of a handful of new companies born out of a Startup Weekend held in Redmond, Washington and sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark.


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