Show Off Your Friends with a FriendMosaic

Seattle - October 21st, 2009 - The Twitterverse is abuzz over the new mosaics from startup, which take social networking into the real world by building mosaics out of people's friends and followers on Twitter. calls them "hypnotic," while @brian_wong described them succinctly "Epic win. Just wow." The mosaics are built automatically for Twitter users -- all they have to do is enter their Twitter name, with stunning results.

FriendMosaic uses a proprietary algorithm which balances creating a great mosaic against the desire to have one's friends and followers readily recognizable. The result looks like the original picture from a distance and an array of small pictures when viewed up close -- like a visual map of your friends. As @pcaveney tweeted, "nice! it's me made of pictures of you".

FriendMosaic allows its mosaics to be reposted or retweeted anywhere on the web. @clayjars made one for @stewartcink to commemorate his reaching 1 million followers, while @DanielleMORRILL of Twilio made one of the @twilio logo. When @joelprice made one for @chargers, the official Twitter account of the San Diego Chargers, they retweeted "Did ur pic make the mosaic?".

It seems the only question is just how cool they are: "pretty cool" (@balsamiq), "so cool!" (@Charles), or "totally cool" (@scottporad). "I love my mosaic!" tweeted @SEATTLECITYGIRL, "When I look close, I see all my friends."


FriendMosaic was founded in September, 2009 by veteran software entrepreneurs Roy Leban and Craig Huizenga, one of a handful of new companies born out of a Startup Weekend held in Redmond, Washington and sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark.


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