Terms of Use

FriendMosaic creates personal mosaic of your friends and followers and lets you print it on a selection of merchandise.

All images created by FriendMosaic are © Copyright 2009 by FriendMosaic.

FriendMosaic provides a screen-resolution copy of your mosaic on our site and also creates a high-resolution image for use on the merchandise that we sell.

You are free to share a link to the screen-resolution mosaic on friendmosaic.com, or you may copy the screen-resolution mosaic from our site and use it unmodified for legal, non-commercial, non-objectionable purposes. If you use the mosaic online, you must provide a link to friendmosaic.com.

FriendMosaic reserves the right to remove mosaics from its site that contain objectionable content.

Merchandise produced by Zazzle is covered by their terms and warranties.